the Most Realistic Experience

“GTA V Real” is the community driven mod bringing you the breath-taking realism and gaming experience. 
Besides the gorgeous 4K-quality assets we focus on every small detail – such as designer apparel, real cars, all kind of physics  and precise city structures.

What's inside?

Graphics & Textures

Hyper-realistic assets with the latest technology as RTX is must have these days. Boosted with up to 4K textures everywhere around we mirror a real world.

Models & Sounds

Real branded models of vehicles, weapons or environment, combined with real sounds are the things that make the modded game so amazing.

Behaviour & AI

No hunger, fatigue, obscure movements, and interaction with people, or just weird controls. These and many more were improved and fixed.


The Most Realistic GTA Ever Made?

Project GTA (V) REAL have a “simple” goal – be the most realistic game ever. In this post I would like to share with y’all most details about this for me really exciting project and also big challenge. Why I decided to make it, what is my work in it, what it should look like, what this game would include and more.

Project Statistics


Hours Spent


Models Modified


Textures FilesĀ Edited


Vehicles Changes

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Learn & Explore


Most frequent questions and answers

The goal of the project is to make it the most realistic GTA ever by reflecting the California sphere. Is it for gaming or video purposes? Read this article to find more.

Not yet. I want it to be for free download one day but it depends more on the community than on myself. Read this article for more details about this.

I will be glad to help everyone, but it’s time-consuming to answer everyone’s questions and learn from you one by one. But, I’m still preparing more and more tutorials, which you can find here. And you can let me know what you would like to learn, and I didn’t make a tutorial for it yet.

For sure! I’m giving free tips about modding and specific mods. You can check it out on this link. And please, let me know on any social media if you would like some specific tips.

It is possible to participate in some upcoming publications. To join these sub-projects, check if you have any of the skills listed in ‘positions’ below. If yes you can send me an email on , writing skills as the subject of the mail, and link me to some of your social media or other websites where I can see your works and tell me something more as well, please.

I’m looking for:

3D modelerĀ 

  1. Remodeling the buildings for their real-life templates (I will help with finding all material of real photos and videos of props).
  2. Converting and editing mostly vehicle models. Sometimes I need to edit some unlocked model, but if it would be necessary I can as well buy or provide from free libraries some 3D models that are not yet converted and made for GTA V.


The following positions need to be occupied all to start on another sub-project
(and no, you don’t need the most expensive PC to help me with these):

Scenes director

Setting up and recording scenes with animations. That means to find the right place depending on the description, set up props, peds, etc, find and choose the right animations and record it by Rockstar editor. I would provide you with a screen-play.

Chroma Key Specialist

Anyway, you may not be perfect with setting up the whole scene, but you may know how to perfectly record just one small scene, which with the greenscreen can be very useful for improving previously made scenes.

Cinematic CameramanĀ 

Do you have that feel of cinematic views and you know where to put the camera in every moment? Awesome, we can make so great videos together that everyone would love. Even if you specialize only in some kind of scenes for example cars only or dialogue only, it’s still ok, we can make create a team with more people.

Video Editor

This is for advanced projects only and you should know, how to make some postprocessing to improve already rendered videos to make them look even better on the screen.

Voice-Over Actor

Are you making, or you dream that you would like to try some voice-over roles? Perfect, your skill would very useful in advanced projects as well or it may be your chance to shine for the first time. Who knows, you may have a nice voice and hidden talent for this.

Audio editorĀ 

Do you like adding music and many different effects on the videos? Awesome, you may have it just as a hobby without any popular publications, but I know that you know it can be very useful for some people like me.

As I mentioned before, even that I’m focusing on high-end ultra-realistic graphics, you don’t need to run GTA V on the ultra-high graphic with all graphic enhancements to help me with these things. That’s one of my parts of the job to change your even low graphic recording to ultra 4K and thanks to Rockstar’s perfect tools and game system, it’s possible.