How to replace vehicle with addon properly – Level 1 Part 1 – files & data explanation

Hey and welcome in my first basic tutorials series. First of all why is this called Level 1 and Part 1 of it? Well, there is lot of to explain while we want replace vehicle 100% properly which is the key to run tons of mods together. But you still asking why levels right? There are lot of vehicle types in game as car, bike, plane, boat and even one type as car may have many categories that makes differents in their data as military vehicle, special skill vehicles etc. But we will start from the easiest and more all the way thru all types, so let’s start.

In this first part we will check what we have to prepare and explain what files will change what aspect of vehicle in game to understand what we will be doing in next parts. So let’s download any mod that we will work as the example. Looking on most downloaded vehicles I would like to choose Lamborghini Reventon, yes I like Lambo, but I aswell like SCRAT’s mods and other works as tutorials etc. Here is the link.

Before we start I would like to make this part a bit
more transparency so here is the abstract:

  1. Gettin’ files ready
  2. Vanilla files locations
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