Most realistic version of GTA ever made

Our modded GTA 5 have accurate architecture all over the map corresponding to real life California places. We even added lot of most iconic buildings as Crypto Arena, Ritz Carlton and many more. All real vehicles in traffic are fully working models that you can commonly see on the streets of California.

Always up to date for best experience

All over the map are lot of billboards or different advertisments and textures that are in real life changed from time to time. To keep our world as realistic as possible we keep updating all these textures. We're updating not only advertisements but as well properties, buildings or even vehicles to keep mirroring real world.

Biggest easy-to-use mods - all in one

Our work is not only biggest packages mod for GTA 5 that you can find, by changing almost whole game step by step, but it's as well easiest way to get ultra moded game for begginers. We're accepting users suggestions what is helping this packages to be all in one with goal to don't need other mods to avoid compability issues.

From update of June 2023 our files are made for latest game version.

Buildings ( included in LA Revo 2.0 only package as well )

・ Retextured most of the buildings in game with real brands based on real life counterparts
・ Remodeled branding of buildings all around the map based on real life counterparts
・ Retextured original game interiors with real brands
・ Enabled multiple naturally enterable multiplayer interiors to work in single player
( only from first DLC’s like Whisky A Go Go, bikers club, comedy club,
Nameless club = ex Bahama Mamas, LA Auto Parts = ex Benny etc )

・ Multiple buildings completely reworked with real life models
( for example Ford dealership, Kia Forum, Bank of America, Union Bank, One Wilshire etc )
・ Optimized all game buildings for better performance
・ Modernized and retexture Michael’s house inside and outside
・ Retextured and improved Trevor’s trailer house
・ Modernized and retexture Franklin’s villa inside and outside
・ Deleted dirt on multiple buildings across the map
・ Better and destructible donut on Randy’s Donuts building
・ Replaced downtown construction with Ritz Carlton, JW Marriot, LA Live, ESPN, Xbox x Microsoft buildings and plaza
・ Added tesla chargers on multiple public garages
・ Added Deloitte building
・ Added Arena building
・ Added Grand Wilshire building
・ Added Pease building in Koreatown to replace half of the construction place
・ Added 777 Tower building
・ Added AON building
・ Added Wells Fargo building
・ Added City National Bank building
・ Added Pacific Cinerama Dome Theatre building
・ Added Chase Bank building
・ Added Paul Hastings Building
・ Added TCW building
・ Added Tesla charging station
・ Added Metropolis building
・ Added Canouan Island
( ex Cayo Perico, including CanouanScript for users of LA Revo 2.0 only package to teleport there )
・Fixed vanilla LODs of Beverly Hills buildings being blurred too early
・Modernized Morro Bay bank interior
・Modernized Malibu Citibank interior

Other architecture / structures ( included in LA Revo 2.0 only package as well )

・ All real life billboards updated from time to time to stay up to date
・ All highway and street signs replaced with custom real life based models
・ All highway and street signs have real life places ( compatible with showed location names )
・ Added multiple custom destructible billboards
・ Added multiple animated billboard screens
・ Added multiple animated advertisements
・ Added multiple animated architectures ( for example Universal Studios logo, In-N-Out sign etc )
・ Added unique first time ever done video LED billboards
・ Improved traffic lights textures based on real life LA traffic lights
・ Lot of real life murals and graffiti from LA
・ Added multiple custom models of real life sings like Route 66, Beverly Hills etc
・ 3 marine fuel stations
・ 1 vehicles and 2 boats refueling places at Canouan Island
・ Realistic static planes props at airport including night lights
・ Pacific Park structure from real life at Santa Monica pier
・ Real life bus stops signs around the city
・ Metropolis plaza instead of construction near Beverly Center ( still compatible with missions )
・Added Bixby Bridge sign
・Added swan boats to Echo Park Silver Lake

Surfaces ( included in LA Revo 2.0 only package as well )

・ Real life Los Angeles textures of roads all over the map
( available as well as standalone package for both single player and FiveM )
・ Fixed original game glitched Subway floors textures
・ Real life white LAX airport surface

Vegetation ( included in LA Revo 2.0 only package as well )

・ All models reworked with better optimized models
・ All models reworked with real life models naturally growing in California
(trees, palms, bushes, flowers, shrubs etc)
・ All vegetation colors 100% same as real life colors of LA vegetation
・ 3D ivy hedges models on multiple places across the map ( not every single one )
・ Multiple addon vegetation models
( for example eucalyptus, corymbia ficifolia, medallion tree, ficus, willow tree, jacarandas, pinus sylvestris, aleppo pine, stone pines, cedars, date palms, umbrella tree, trumpet tree & more )
・ Improved grass placements with 3D grass on lot of places across the map
・ More flowers placed across the map based on real life placements ( no fancy unrealistic placements )
・ Destructible lianas at island
・ Addon coconuts and exotic palms models for island
・ Destructible bamboo for jungle part of island
・ Completely reworked placements of island vegetation based on real life island ( holiday resort not drug island )
・ Iconic Queen palm with lights at Rodeo Drive
・Lilly pads and moss on river at Mugu Point

Interiors ( included in LA Revo 2.0 only package as well )

* Interiors that require teleport are enterable thanks to RealismScript that is part of 5Real package only,
or by using airbreak function of any trainer.

・ Naturally enterable police stations
・ Naturally enterable Nude Body Shop
・ Naturally enterable interior for Pacific Cinerama Dome Theatre
・ Naturally enterable Ford dealership with glass windows
・ Naturally enterable interior for Arena
・ Naturally enterable Viper Room Club
・ Naturally enterable Brothers Auto Glass garage
・ Naturally enterable Porsche dealership with glass windows
・ Naturally enterable Audi dealership with glass windows
・ Naturally enterable Land Rover x Jaguar dealership
・ Naturally enterable Heroes Motors LA dealership with glass windows
・ Made Floyd’s interior naturally enterable for all characters
・ Naturally enterable apartment next to Floyd’s apartment
・ Interior for Yacht parked at Santa Monica – require teleport
・ Franklin’s villa naturally enterable for all characters
・ Clothing stores are naturally enterable in early game before you unlock it
・ Naturally enterable Hollywood casino
・ Naturally enterable Ferrari Beverly Hills dealership
・ Naturally enterable Tesla dealership
・ Naturally enterable Slauson Mall
・ Naturally enterable luxury apartment at Venice
・ Naturally enterable interior for PlayBoy mansion
・ Naturally enterable motel rooms in Beverly
・ Naturally enterable motel rooms in San Bernardino
・ Naturally enterable Burger King in Santa Monica
・ Naturally enterable church at Koreatown
・ Naturally enterable Sunset Strip Liquor shop with glass windows
・ Non enterable parallax interior for JW Marriott
・ Naturally enterable Randy’s Donuts
・ Naturally enterable Felix Chevrolet dealership
・ Naturally enterable In-N-Out with glass windows
・ Naturally enterable Carney’s
・ Naturally enterable McDonald’s in Koreatown
・ Naturally enterable McDonald’s in county
・ Naturally enterable Starbucks in Santa Monica with glass windows
・ Naturally enterable KFC restaurant
・ Public garage with working doors next to Arena
・ Naturally enterable hospital in Morro Bay
・ Naturally enterable LA Fitness with glass windows
・ Naturally enterable Cookies Melrose with glass windows
・ Non enterable parallax interior for Nike shop
・ Naturally enterable underground parking lot at US Bank with working doors
・ Naturally enterable underground parking lot at One West Bank in Santa Monica with working doors
・ Naturally enterable underground parking lot at Ocean View in Santa Monica with working doors
・ Naturally enterable Subway restaurant
・ Naturally enterable Playland Arcade
・ Naturally enterable Ikea
・ Naturally enterable San Bernardino Walmart
・ Naturally enterable Lucy’s restaurant
・ Naturally enterable Corvette dealership
・ Naturally enterable Avalon Club
・ Naturally enterable lobby of LAX Hilton
・ 4 hotel rooms with breakable windows in LAX Hilton ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable lobby of The Beverly Hilton
・ 6 hotel rooms with breakable windows in The Beverly Hilton ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable lobby of Hollywood Roosevelt
・ 4 hotel suites in Hollywood Roosevelt ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable lobby of Ritz Carlton
・ 6 hotel suites with breakable windows in Ritz Carlton ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable entry hall of Sierra Towers
・ 7 luxury apartments with breakable windows in Sierra Towers ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable entry hall at house near Land Rover dealership
・ 2 apartments in house near Land Rover dealership ( require teleport )
・ 7 houses interiors in Beverly Hills ( require teleport ) with naturally enterable garages
・ Naturally enterable entry hall of AT&T
・ AT&T office ( require teleport )
・ Interiors in yacht at Santa Monica ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable underground garage with working doors at Ritz Carlton
・ Naturally enterable underground garage at LA Live
・ Naturally enterable Daves Hot Chickens
・ 2 Naturally enterable entry halls in Koreatown flat houses
・ 3 + 2 apartments in Koreatown ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable lobby for Georgian Hotel
・ 3 hotel apartments in Georgian Hotel ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable restaurant ( famous from Fast & Furious movies )
・ Naturally enterable River Inn restaurant
・ 10 naturally enterable motel rooms at River Inn
・ 7 naturally enterable apartments with breakable windows from inside & outside at Marina Del Rey
・ Non enterable parallax interior for Lens Crafters
・ Naturally enterable Toyota dealership including working garage doors ( ex Simeons shop – still missions compatible )
・ Naturally enterable Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Canouan Island
・ Naturally enterable over-water hotel at Canouan Island
・ 2 naturally enterable houses at Crenshaw Disctrict ( one including garage )
・ 2 naturally enterable houses at Compton ( one including garage )
・ Naturally enterable huge real life Tom Bradley airport wit 2 floors
・ Departures room at Tom Bradley ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable Del Amo dealership
・ Naturally enterable Eurocar Inc dealership
・ Naturally enterable Rydell dealership
・ Naturally enterable Beverly Hills BMW dealership
・ Naturally enterable Mercedes Beverly Hills dealership
・ Naturally enterable taxi depot office and garage
・ Naturally enterable Victorio’s Pizza
・ Naturally enterable Ramos dealerships for used cars
・ Naturally enterable LA Cars LLC dealership for used cars
・ Naturally enterable Pier Burger
・ Naturally enterable elReventon club in Morro Bay
・ Naturally enterable apartment at Venice beach near tennis court
・ Naturally enterable lobby for The Westin Bonaventure
・ 4 hotel rooms at The Westin Bonaventure ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable Pizza Hut
・ Naturally enterable lobby of Florentine motel in Compton
・ 3 naturally enterable rooms in Florentine motel in Compton
・ Open interior of trucks shop and rental
・ Naturally enterable Sports Car LA dealership
・ 2 naturally enterable apartments at house where lives Harvey Molina ( Cleaning out the Bureau mission guy )
・ Naturally enterable Santa Monica aquarium
・ Naturally enterable entry hall at Santa Monica across Nameless club
・ Naturally enterable garage with working doors at Santa Monica across Nameless club
・ 3 apartments at Santa Monica across Nameless club ( require teleport )
・ Keller Williams Downtown office with windows breakable from inside and outside – near one of vehicle jumps ( require teleport )
・ Naturally enterable Beverly Hills Estates office
・Naturally enterable Remax real estate office in Morro Bay
・Naturally enterable office of Salton City Realty in Slaton City
・ Naturally enterable lobby of Pendry hotel
・ Naturally enterable garage with working doors at Pendry hotel
・ 2 apartments with breakable windows from inside and outside in Pendry hotel
・ 5 apartments at Metropolis
・ 2 naturally enterable houses at Morro Bay
・Not enterable Gabriella’s Pizza at Venice
・2 naturally enterable houses in Salton City
・Naturally enterable Li’s Oriental Kitchen
・Naturally enterable Burger King at county
・Naturally enterable FedEx office
・Naturally enterable UPS office with warehouse
・3 naturally enterable houses in Echo Park area

Other that is included in LA Revo 2.0 only package as well

・ Retextured thousands of props with real life brands
・ Added multiple custom animated lights
・ Most powerful gameconfig for game v1.0.2372.2 ( installed by default )
・ Optimized original game lights settings for better performance
・ Improved lights on building across the map
・ Luxury yacht parked near Santa Monica Pier
・ Princess cruise ship at port and in water at Santa Monica
・ Custom destructible fire props for island


・ About 300 real life vehicles optimized for mass modding usage
・ About 200 of vehicles spawning naturally in traffic ( traffic is fully replaced with real cars )
・ Traffic vehicles are compatible with natural scenarios happening all over the map
・ Traffic vehicles are compatible with missions ( missions are playable without major glitches )
・ Vehicles support all basic features ( breakable windows, lights, emergency lights, license plates etc )
・ 90% vehicles have properly working hood and trunk
・ Some vehicles have animated functions like roof
・ All trailers are working properly and some are spawning naturally in traffic
・ Multiple vehicles have custom tuning parts ( no glitched tunings appearing on vehicles that don’t have tuning parts )
・ All vehicles have colors set based on real life colors that they was made and/or are usually painted/wrapped to
・ Models spawning in traffic are based on real traffic you can see in LA
・ Types of vehicles are set based on real locations
( you don’t usually see supercars in desert or old crap cars in Beverly Hills etc )
・ Real companies textures on vehicles including up to date advertisements
・ Real LA bus model with real LA Metro destinations & textures and constantly updated advertisements
・ Real life sounds for multiple vehicles including npc vehicles ( not all vehicles yet )
・ Multiple addon vehicles for scenarios ( Kobe tribute vehicles, rare supersports, tuning shop vehicles etc )
・ Density of vehicles in traffic in all areas improved based on real life
・ Addon emergency departments vehicles – LAFD, Morro Bay FD, LACoFD, Cal Fire, California Guard US Navy,
LAX LAFD, OES Fire Rescue, US&R, additional LAPD vehicles, additional LSPD vehicles, LAPD Gang Unit, LAXPD,
LAPD Undercover, US Park Ranger, California Highway Patrol, Palisades Patrol, US Secret Service, SWAT
・ Added custom Lamborghini SUV tuning wheels
・ More realistic shared textures ( license plates, mud, scratches, bumps, burned interior and exterior, carbon )
・ Parallax effect on damage bumps and scratches
・ More realistic burnout smoke
・ Multiplayer idle animation on motorcycles
・ More realistic back fire
・ Tuning option of liveries for multiple vehicles ( yet usable only with trainers )


・ Real life gangs peds( Crips, Bloods, Surenos13, MS-13, Mara18,
Mongols Mc, La Eme, Armenian Power 13, Yakuza alliance, Aryan Brothers, Public Enemy 1 )

・ Real brands clothing for all cutscene peds
・ Emergency peds with real life clothes and badges
・ Real brands clothing for multiple npcs ( not all yet )
・ Better fur on animals with real life textures
・ Ironman mascot instead of fake Ranger mascot ( spawning at Hollywood TCL )
・ Gang npcs don’t usually use helmets when driving motorcycles
・ Gangs npcs are stronger in fights and gunshots
・ Gangs npcs are better but more aggressive drivers sometimes
・ Gangs npcs have customized weapons options based on real life gangs common weapons
・ Crips ad Bloods gangs members shoot from SMG with one hand
・ Police and army have more weapons variety based on real life weapons
・ Police on low wanted level have chance to use only taser instead of killing you
・ Emergency npcs have more attachments on weapons
・ Emergency npcs have always flashlight ready on weapons
・Real life brand for motocross npc
・Retextured UPS npc branding
・NPC use 13 different food props in their animations, including our custom made models
・NPC use 11 different drinks props in their animations, including our custom made models
・NPC use 13 different alcohol drinks props in their animations, including our custom made models
・NPC use 6 different coffee props in their animations, including our custom made models
・NPC use 3 different cigarettes props in their animations, including our custom made models
・NPC use 3 different weed smoking props in their animations, including our custom made models
・NPC use 4 different phones in their animations, including real life models
・NPC use 5 different guitars in their animations, including electric guitars


・ 10 custom shoes models for Franklin
・ 4 custom shoes models for Michael
・4 custom shoes models for Trevor
・ 2 custom vests models for Franklin ( wearable over shits )
・ 4 custom upper models for Franklin
・Custom jacket with hoodie and shirt model for Trevor
・Custom model of denim Jacket with custom shirt model for Trevor
・Custom model of tracksuit pants for Michael
・Custom motobike helmet model with multiple textures for Franklin
・Custom motobike helmet model with multiple textuers for Michael
・Custom motocross helmets models for each each protagonist with multiple textures (each unique)
・Custom motocross googles models for each protagonist with multiple textures (each unique)
・Custom model of motocross helmet includig googles and GoPro camera for each protagonist
・Additional custom motocross googles model for Trevor
・Additional custom motocross helmet model for Trevor
・Custom models of full motocross suit for each protagonist (upper, lower, gloves, shoes)
・ Custom cap model for Franklin
・ Custom sport suit for Michael ( upper + lower model )
・ Retextured all missions related clothes of protagonists with real life brandings
・ Retextured multiple clothing of protagonists with real life brands & real designs ( not all yet )
・Retextured thriatlon clothes for all protagonists with real designs
・Real life designs of real life brands for Trevor’s T-shirts, tank tops, puffy winter jackets, hawaiian shirts, hoodies, pants,
polo shirts, long shirts, jackets, leather jackets, hunting vests, sweaters, trousers, shorts, underwears, caps, thriatlon suit
・Real life designs of real life brands for Michael’s T-shirts, open shirts, winter jackets, polo, polo shirts, tank tops, long open shirts, long winter jackets, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, tennis shirts, prologue funeral winter jackets, prologue winter jacket, casual pants, trauser shorts, underwear, tennis shorts, yoga mission shorts, short pants, open suits
・Real life designs of real life brands for Franklin’s sweater, long sleeve shirt, long sleeve T-shirt, long sleeve shirt with sleeves up, winter sweater)
・ Real life phones for all protagonists


・ Animated real life models for non dlc weapons
・ Real life textures for non dlc weapons that don’t need custom models ( for example baseball bat, snowball, flare etc )
・ Real life sounds for non dlc weapons
・ Real life weapons models are properly working in missions ( not switching or clipping )
・Real life attachments models (correctly placed on all real weapons)
・Real life magazines models for most of real weapons

・ Real life icons for all real life weapons including missing fire extinguisher icon ( part of RealismScript custom UI )
・ Real life names for all real life weapons
・ Gang style shooting from Micro SMG for Franklin
・ Dropped weapons are not glowing
・ Dropped weapons are not picked automatically ( but ammo for owned weapons yes )

Graphics ( provided as optionable separate installer )

・ Real life based colors of weathers
・ More realistic details of weathers like smog, rain etc
・ Real life dark nights
・ Real life reflections
・ Real life rain and snow particles
・ Improved timecycles based on real LA – less often rainy, smog or fog weathers and more often sunny weathers
・ FPS Friendly ReShade preset – focused on performance, using Standard effects
・ Ray Tracing ReShade preset – focused on realistic graphics with small performance impact, using qUnit effects
・ Ray Tracing ENB preset – focused on realism while keeping extremely low performance drop
・ Movie Preset ENB preset – similar like RT preset but customized for R* editor users to don’t block effects and provide deeper shadows and lightning
・Realistic Ray Tracing ENB preset for FidelityFX users
・Ray Tracing ENB preset with brighter colors for FidelityFX users
・ More realistic storm settings
・ More realistic lightning bolts
・ Added motion blur ( option to turn it off )
・Realistic lights corona settings
・Realistic underwater experience
・More realistic (slower) drying of wet surfaces including roads
・Fully compatible with QuantV unique addons like Volumetric Clouds

Custom scenarios

・ Improved scenarios all over the map to fit custom architecture
・ Homeless people and props under bridges and on the streets based on real life ( for example Skid Row streets )
・ Populated vanilla interiors that we enabled for single player like bikers club, Whisky A Go Go, Nameless Club etc
・ Lamar scenario at comedy club based on Lamar’s actor real life comedy show
・ Populated Arena inside and outside
・ Populated inside and outside of police stations
・ Scenarios inside and outside of Viper Room Club
・ Populated Body Shop interior
・ Populated luxury yacht at Santa Monica
・ Tuned vehicles at RDBLA tuning shop parking lot based on their real life works
・ Vehicles of correct brands spawning at parking lots of dealerships
・ Possible to spot reckless supercar drivers at Hollywood and Rodeo Drive
・ LAXPD vehicles at LAX
・ California Highway Patrol vehicles spawning on sides of highways
・ Palisades Patrol driving thru multiple places of Beverly Hills
・ Populated inside and outside of Hollywood casino
・ Populated Slauson Mall interior
・ Populated Play Boy mansion interior and exterior
・ Populated Burger King interior
・ Populated church interior
・ Scenarios at port near Princess cruise
・ Scenarios inside and outside of Ritz Carlton
・ Populated Sunset Strip Liquor shop interior
・ Populated Randy’s Donuts interior
・ Scenarios inside and outside of Felix Chevrolet
・ Populated In-N-Out interior
・ Clerk inside Carney’s restaurant
・ Populated McDonald’s interiors
・ Populated Starbucks interior
・ Populated KFC interior
・ Populated Morro Bay hospital
・ Populated LA Fitness interior
・ Populated Cookies Melrose interior
・ Populated Subway restaurant interior
・ Populated Playland Arcade interior
・ Populated Ikea interior
・ Populated San Bernardino Walmart interior
・ Populated Lucy’s restaurant interior
・ Scenarios inside and outside of Avalon Club
・ Correct colors for real gangs vehicles
・ Custom vehicles with custom tuning for gangs vehicles
・ Customized gangs vehicles scenarios in gang areas
・ Corvettes outside of Corvette dealership
・ Gang members are not on streets a lot during the day but are a lot on the streets during the night
・ More police vehicles at night in gang areas
・ Populated LAX Hilton lobby
・ Populated The Beverly Hilton lobby
・ Populated Hollywood Roosevelt lobby
・ Populated AT&T office
・ Populated Daves Hot Chickens interior
・ Populated Georgian Hotel lobby
・ Populated interior and exterior
・ Populated River Inn interior
・ Populated Canouan island including hotels, party, animals, vehicles, security air and water traffic
・ Populated Tom Bradley airport interior
・ Populated Victorio’s Pizza interior
・ Populated Pier Burger interior
・ Populated elReventon club
・ Populated lobby of The Westin Bonaventure
・ Populated Pizza Hut
・ Populated Santa Monica aquarium
・ Populated Keller Williams Downtown office
・ Populated Pendry hotel
・ Scenarios suitable to Metropolis plaza ( ex construction site )
・ Populated FedEx interior
・Populated UPS interior
・Added scenario at safe house near Land Rover dealership


・ Custom real life intro
・ Custom real life photos on loading
・ High quality characters on loading
・ Added multiple custom scenarios all over the map
・ Real life names for all streets and neighborhoods based on real life counterparts
・ Real life names for all real vehicles ( including names in tuning shops )
・ Added music for all enterable clubs interiors
・ Added music for casino interior
・ Added music for LA Fitness
・ More realistic water and foam textures
・ Deleted vanilla stats bars due to having custom stats UI by our script
・ Changed square radar map into circle to fit custom UI by our script
・ More random events like police chases
・ Improved police chases with more variety of how many police cars spawn
・ Improved relationships including gangs based on real life relationships ( causing fights of rival gangs in some areas )
・ More realistic explosions size
・ Real life explosion textures
・ Explosions can set nearby peds on fire
・ More realistic ragdoll size & effect of explosion
・ Less camera shake on explosions
・ More realistic fire
・ Whiter and more realistic smoke
・ More realistic guns muzzles
・ Npcs drop wallets instead of money pack and it have collisions = you see it drop instead of randomly spawning
・ Dropped wallets and weapons can be damaged and become unpickable
・Real life textures for bullet holes
・ Added parallax effect on bullet holes
・Real life 2D clouds
・Real life 3D atmosphere clouds
・Smaller more realistic rain puddles while roads in general are more wet
・Real life rain drops
・Real life snow flakes
・Real life blood, mud & snow splatters
・Improved weather effects like smog, fog, rain, snow etc
・More realistic afterburner visual
・Improved flashlights light
・Improved fx effects like butterflies, fireflies etc
・Real life high wuality moon
・Improved nightsky & stars
・Real blood splatter damage overlay
・Improved damage bangs

Realism Script ( optionable but recommended )

・ Performance boost by recalculating LOD’s based on players position
・Boosting game loading time about 20% faster than without script
・ Implemented function of Heap Adjuster
・ Full custom circles UI – health, armor, stamina, lungs capacity, money, hunger, sleep,
drunkenness, fun, speedometer with all details, equipped weapon and ammo ( possible to turn of fully
before launching game or temporary while ingame + fully customizable positions and colors of everything )

・ Option to track human needs of all protagonists
・ Human needs working for any peds ( using Franklin’s money account for non protagonists characters )
・ Human need of Hunger – otherwise you start losing stamina, armor and even health ( possible to disable or edit )
・ Inventory to store bought items and use them at any time ( items remain there even after game restart )
・ Option to buy food and drinks in all enterable shops – interactive clerks
( some allow you eat in, some allow you take out, some allow you both )
・ Interactive eating and drinking
・ Option to buy cigarettes in shops – interactive clerks
・ Option to smoke bought cigarettes – interactive
・ Option to buy and consume drinks in all enterable clubs – interactive clerks
Option to buy and consume drinks in hotels bars
・ Option to buy and consume drinks in casino – interactive clerks
・ Map blips for nearby shops and clubs
・ Drinking too much alcohol will make you drunk
・ Human need of Sleep – otherwise you fall asleep no matter where are you and what are you doing
( possible to disable or edit )
・ Option to sleep in owned properties
・ Option to buy hotel rooms for a day to be used
・ Option to buy room in motels for a day to be used
・ Option to sleep in safe houses
・ Entering any not owned house can give you wanted level
・ Fuel consumption on all vehicles ( including electric vehicles power )
・ Refueling system for gas/diesel vehicles on all gas stations
・ Refueling system for boats on 4 custom marine fuel stations
・ Refueling system for planes and helicopters with realistic process of refueling on 3 airports
( including option to get vehicle in fire or exploded if you make mistake )
・ Working Tesla chargers ( including fast chargers, you can skip time or wait )
・ Speedometer with speed, gears, vehicle type, fuel stat and lights stat ( option to choose km/h or mph )
・ Copyrights free music at Canouan beach party during the night
・ More realistic weapons system – each slot can hold only one weapon at the time ( possible to disable )
・ Weapons wheel have default 4 slots only for more realism ( possible to switch back to 8 slots )
・ Custom weapons wheel UI
・ Smooth fast weapons switching by mouse wheel without need to pen weapons wheel
・ Weapons don’t disappear after getting out of ammo and can be still used for close combat
・ Realistic airport system to buy fly ticket, go thru security ( ignoring check-in control will cause wanted level ),
use VIP lounge for business flights customers, check-in, departures, teleport to the final destination
( Canouan Island, Desert Shores, Needles )
・ Option to buy vehicles in dealerships including customizations
・ Option to sell vehicles in dealerships
・ Unique first time ever done option of full RGB spectrum of colors for vehicles in dealership customization
・ Bought vehicles remain persistent until game restart
・ Option to test drive vehicles in dealerships
・ Option to buy taxi driver license
・ Option to rent taxi vehicle and do taxi jobs in 3 different taxi vehicle
( taxi jobs first time ever working in addon vehicles )
・ You can’t do taxi jobs in stolen vehicles anymore for more realism
・ Realistic doors opening for Koenigsegg Agera R
・ Automatic attaching of vehicles after loading them on top of flatbed tow truck
・ Option to rent trucks in Penske truck rental
・ Option to turn on and off TV in any interior
・ Option to eat free fruit from any fruit bowl around the map
・ GTA SA style dancing minigame in all clubs with copyrights free music ( fully customizable )
・ Option to drink free beer from small fridges located in some apartments
・ Option to drink free wine from wine cabinets located in some apartments
・ Option to buy fruits at any fruit stands across the map
・ Option to repair vehicle at multiple repair shops across the map
・ Option to buy weed at Cookies Melrose
・ Option to smoke different weed product including different effects from some of them
・ Human need Fun – otherwise you become bored and your game will be black & white ( possible to turn off or edit )
・ Teleport to access roof pool at JW Marriott
・ Teleport to access Chase Bank roof pool
・ Option to pickup multiple props as weapons ( only previously existing weapons like golf club, hammer, wrench etc )
・ LA Metro bus traveling system with visible ride progress with multiple real life lines
・ Option to work out at Muscle beach – interactive exercises
・ Option to buy LA Fitness entry or membership to be able work out there – including interactive exercises
・ Option to request free tour of properties for sale in real estate office
・ Option to buy properties in real estate offices ( ownership separated for each protagonist and is saved even after game restart )
Option to request a tour of properties in real estate offices
Option to sell owned properties for lower/same/higher price based on actual market situation
・ Option to save vehicles in garages/parking of owned properties – if property have one
( saving vehicles even after game restart )
・NPCs have change to have used umbrella during rain weather
・Player can use umbrella during rain weathers
・Automatic appearance of the snow when using snow weather for exact time
・Option to buy cup of coffee in coffee machines anywhere at the map
・Option to buy cigarettes from cigarettes machines anywhere at the map
・ Option to buy snacks in snack vending machines
・Real life banking system with 3 account types, interests, fees, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, debit card for each character separately
・Drive-in shopping in multiple fast foods
・Working signal lights on vehicles ( keyboard only )
・System to obtain driving license of categories C+M with complete knowledge test, predrive check and driving test
・System to obtain driving license of categories A+B with complete knowledge test, predrive checks and driving test
・FedEx job with full realistic job system where you have to apply for job, can be declined, can be fired later, have to do full shifts, have benefits and penalties, have career by earning exp and more
・Vehicles don’t turn off engine automatically, only if you want them to do so
・ You can lock and unlock last entered vehicle


・ Canouan Script – only for LA Revo 2.0 users to teleport to island as 5Real users have fully working airport system for it
・ Gameconfigs for different traffic & population density – ( included in LA Revo 2.0 only package as well )
・ Option to delete additional vegetation placements, all or by categories ( included in LA Revo 2.0 only package as well )
・ 12K or 24K satellite map for pause menu or pause menu + mini radar
・ Fix of radar position for users of wide screen
・ 5Real graphics blur removal
・ For LSPDFR players ELS emergency vehicles + gameconfig for latest game version
as LSPDFR dont support downgraded game + LSPDFR setup guide
・ For QuantV users few files that both 5Real and QuantV edit mixed together to don’t lose any feature of either mod
・Guide how to use Volumetric Clouds or other unique QuantV features together with our files/graphics
・Guide how to use FidelityFX Super Resolution to boost your FPS

sunset_gta sunset_real
viper_gta viper_real
korea_gta korea_real

Experience virtual California world from comfort of your home!

Real life buildings models and textures

staples_gta staples_real
marriott_gta ritz-carlton-rooftop
casino2_gta casino2_real
chinese_gta chinese_real
venice_gta venice_real

Traffic & population based on current real life aspect

Lively world based on real California events

party_gta party_real
playboy1_gta playboy1_real

Affect Development

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