Guides, support & community

Even that our packages are easy to install by automatic installers, we're providing lot of up to date text and video guides for installations. But if you have any issues with your game caused by playing next gen content at 8 years old game engine, we have Discord community where you can get extra support by us or other experienced moders.

Be part of it or affect development

All our supporters have chance to affect next way of development by voting in polls or making own suggestions that are realized on monthly bases. But if you're mods creator and you think your mods should be part of most realistic package contact us and your mods can be featured in our packages with full credits making new potential users for you.

Co-op partnership opportunity

You don't need to be a moder to be a part of this evolution! We're open to partnerships and cooperations with content creators of all type. Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, FiveM servers and many more. If you think our game content would fit your creations and be interesting for your fans and users, feel free to contact us with your idea of our co-op.

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